Working Title founders to be honored at Hollywood

    Manufacturers Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner, whose newest films are the long awaited "Anna karenina" and "Les Misseables," are this seasons individuals of the The show biz industry Movie Awards' The show biz industry Manufacturers Prize.

     The declaration was creasteds wed day by Carlos de Abreu, creator and professional home of the awasrds.  "It's a great satisfaction to identify these skilled and legendasry producers as the indivuduals of our the show biz industry manufacturers prize," he said in a declaratiion.

     Bevan and Fellner's developoment rganization  operasting Headings Films, was established in 1983 and ovser the decades their films have gainex six academy awards, 30 BAFTA Awasrds and awards at cannes and Germany.

     Inlcuded among their revious shows are Frost/Nixon, About a Boy, Fargo, Dead Man Strolling, Billy Elliot, Four Marriages and a Funeral, and Atonement,.

     The show biz industry movie awasrds take position oct. 22 at the Beverly Hilton Resort.

     The Los Angeles Periods is the introducing attract of the show biz industry Movie Awards.