Salman Rushdie's 633-page memoir gets the hits

     LONDON: India-born debatable writer Salman Rushdie's precious moment, which gives an concern of the several years he invested in covering in the awaken of the Iranian 'fatwa' against him for his book 'The Satanic Verses', hit the appears these days.

     Written in third individual, the 633-page precious moment in time named 'Joseph Anton's is a personal story as well as a selection of feedback and confirming in magazine of what became a battle for independence of concept that led to an incredible number of weight being invested on his protection by the English individuals.

     Some records in the book have already been released and read by 65-years-old Rushdie in pre-publication meetings, while the publication obtained combined opinions as the first duplicates were nabbed in bookstores in England and elsewhere these days.

     Writing in The Protector, Native indian writer Pankaj Mishra says the precious moment is too long, over-dependent on Rushdie's magazines, and "unquickened by hindsight, or its composing."