BSNL releases landline phones with video call facility

    NEW DELHI: State-run BSNL, in collaboration with  SIS infosystems, today released phones with movie calling facility which will mainly be used to set up community video contact workplaces by changing many of the PCOs.

     "We will turn current public contact work places  (PCOs) to VCOs with these mobile cell phone gadgets. Individuals will be able to make voice cell phone  and movie cell phone calls to any other IP (Internet bassed) cell  phone", BSNL chair and Handling Home R K Upadhyay toldcorrespondents here.

     BSNL will charge Rs 3 for 45 second movie call created from VCO which will include 30 per cent commission for the series owner. There will be need to use computers for making involves user of these movie mobile cell phone gadgets,"  Upadhyay said.

     BSNL will offer various groups of VCO fanchissees depending on the solutions that a franchisee owners wants to offer.  SIS authorities said  that men and women looking for franchisee will have to pay for VCO gadgets which starts from Rs 25,000 and will have to sign an agreement for the company.

     An formal said VCOs having medical gadgets connected to it for remote analysis of a individual will also be created  available.  Many other solutions willbe released soon for which prices will vary.