Are contemporary movies just a little too regular for you. Do the newest the show biz industry produces create too much sense.  Are you sick and exhausted of movie that are not absoutely ridiculus in style and execution.  If you just mumbled "Yes" at your display three times, then "Miami Connection" is for you.

     A most loved work of art of excellent bad film making, "Miami Connection" has been found and raised from the dead by Drafthouse films, who are preparing to come back this jaw-dropping gem to the big display this Nov.  It's the type of film that makes you query if everything you see on the display is actually occurring or if you are actually relaxing in a medical center bed somewhere and allowing a tropical medication mixture create the whole thing up.  If you are a person who giggled heartily through 'The Room,' 'Troll 2' or then 'Miami Connection' is your new preferred film.

     The film follows monster audio, an Orland-based rock-band who perform music but how friendly relationship is excellent, medication are bad and ninjas are wicked.

     Thankfully, each of them is a expert dark buckle.  However, things soon elevate and Monster Audio must experience down an military of cocaine-dealing rider ninjas who are hellbent on vengeance. See the Trailer