Treating in salt water could ease arthritis

     LONDON :  Researchers have a simple way to fight the misery of ostseoarthritis - immersing in a shower of salt-water.  They say the saline solution decreases agonizing inflamation of the combined parts.

     Even common desk sodium in great levels can be used and, as oppossed to traditional medication, there are no distressing adverse reactions. " This research revels up interesting possibilities.  What we've determined has the potential to be used to help so many patients," the Everyday sho estimated vincent company of Birmingham University's  Staff of life sciences, as saying.

     Dr Compan and Dr Pablo Pelegrin discovered tissues in the systems of osteoarthritis patients increase but salt-wter can decrease the inflammation by dehydrating them.  The sodium proved helpful the sam whether it was treated into the body or consumed through the skin via bandages saturated in  saline or washing.

     "We have discovered the hyptoinic alternatives (low in salt) highly stimulate inflammation at molecular stage.  On the other hand, the uses of hypertonic alternatives (high in slat) was a effective chemical of such iflamation related alerts at molecular stasge," Dr pelegrin said.

     Therefore, osmotherapy with hypertonic alternatives could be valuable in the control of inflamation related combined illnesses, such as soteoarthritis, either by extended immersing or by fumes stress techniques, he mentioned. The results were releasesd in the publication Immunty research.