70th foundation day of Council of Scientific and Industrial study

     PUNE: The nation wide substance clinical (NCL) will enjoy the 70th groundwork day of the Authorities of Medical and Business Research (CSIR) on Sept 25 between 2 to 4 pm.

     The NCL is one of the several labs of the CSIR centered in pune and as aspect of the party a ssesion by S R Shetye, vice-chancellor of Goa school has been organized.  Shetye will tal on 'physical procedures in monsoonal estuaries of India: Need for a new analysis strategy.  The session has been organized at the NCL audience.

     This session explains the yearly pattern of activities in a monsoonal estuary and their actual procedures using the Mandovi estuary in Goa as an example.  Shetye said, "It is suggested that such an estuary cannot be research by reducing interest to the estuarine program alone.  Instead, two other routines need to be incorporated into the research.  First of all, the catchment place whose hydrology decides the run-off into the estuary and the plume on the display that comes from the estuary and transactions content with it.  The incorporated strategy needs use of ststistical moedlling and satellite-based distant realizing resources."

     Mementos will be given to employees who have outdaated during the season before and who have finished 25 decades of ongoing assistance in CSIR.  Also, prizes will be given to the deserving kids of NCL team.