Disney's 'Lone Ranger' coming soon

   The only Range is driving again -- and again and again, it seems.  The expensive Disney film (with $250 thousand funds) is approaching the end of one of the greatest principal-photography launches in latest storage.

     Filming on the Aston Depp starrer started Feb. 28 in New South america and is predicted to cover at the end of september, for a complete of between 140 and 150 capturing days. (The on-set lss of life september. 21 of a welder who was planning an marine activity series for the film is not predicted to effect the schedule.)

     Many who have proved helpful with film director Gore Verbinski (the first three cutthroat buccaneers of the Caribbean), whose search of validity and opportunity triggered the development of large places and real operating teaches, say they aren't amazed by the duration.  "He prefers to capture and capture and capture", says one core.

     But some setbacks were beyond Disney's control: Wind flow and dirt stormy weather broken the places, and Depp allegedly was harmed in a drop from a equine.  And Ranger is hardly alone in its prolonged capture this year.