Two of younger Hollywood's greatest celebrities defeat out a grizzled industry expert at the box workplace this few days - but just hardly.

     Jake Gyllenhaal's cop dilemma "End of Watch" and Jennifer Larence's scary automobile "House at the End of the Street" linked for the No. 1 few days place, each gorssing a reasonable $13 thousand.

     Clint Eastwood's football dillemma, "Trouble with the Bend," didn't hit a home run with starting fe ays viewers, as the film came out with a little bit reduced sum of $12.7 thousand.

     The big few days loss, however, was "Dredd 3D,"  the science-fiction activity film depending on a English cartoon that was able to collect up only $6.3 thousand in revenue.  It hardly conducted better that "The Expert," John  Johnson Anderson's dilemma that conducted this few day in only 788 cinemas, while "Dredd" tested in approximately 2,50 places.  After dubting with ecord-breaking figures in five theatres last few days, the Weinstein Co.  film about a scientology-esque conspiracy head took in an amazing $5 thousand upon its national development.

     For it all successive few days, solution revenue were down in contrast to the same interval this year.  Invoices decreased 25% this few days when placed up with the same three-day interval last year.