Seven telecoms providers, such as RCom, Tata teleservices Maharashtra, Airtel and united kingdom have been found breaking rays rules set dwn by the govt after a unique chec performed by government bodies at a place in Mumbai.  "11 BTSs (Base structure stations) of Dependency communications, TTML, Airtel, united kingdom, concept mobile, Aircel and cycle telecom were discovered radiating over and above allowable boundaries of the new rays rules when dimensions were performed n some homes experiencing the capturing BTS aerial," the Division of Telecom (DoT) said in an formal declaration.

     "Orders were released t the 7 providers to stop radiating from these BTSs with instant impact," it included.  Functioning of the BTSs may be stared again only after the sites are made certified and information to that impact is verified by the Telecom Administration and source tracking (TERM) Mobile, Mumbai, the declaration said. When contacted, market body system mobile operators organization of Indian (COAI) - which symbolizes the GSM gamers - home common Rajan S Mathews said the providers should be given a while to determine about systems which are non-compliant.

     CDMA market body system AUSPI provided no immediate thoughts.Under the new suggestions, pollutants from the telecommunications aerial installed on cellular systems should be comparative to the   regulasrity variety in which the aerial functions.  Like, an aerial managing in the regularity variety of 400 Mhz will be permitted to release 400 w of energy per 2,000 rectangle metre of area.

     Also, it has set lowest range of a tower (with two antenna) which will be 35 meters from a personal building.  There is also a standard to encourage a charge of Rs. 5 lakh per BTS (antenna system at a tower site) per service agency.